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Blog Tour: Bigfoot Island by Roderick O’Grady

PaperBound Magazine are thrilled to be part of the Blog Tour for Bigfoot Island.

We were lucky enough to interview Rod all about the inspiration behind his books!

Q&A with Roderick O’Grady

Can you tell us a little bit about your new book Bigfoot Island (and Bigfoot Mountain for those who haven’t read it yet – no spoilers!) and the inspiration behind it?

Let’s start with what inspired me to write BFM. I had never written a book before and the only subject at the time that really intrigued me was that of Bigfoots also known as Sasquatches, also known as Sabe (Saa-bay). In fact, every Native American tribe has a word in their language for the big hairy forest people that, according to them, have always lived on the American continent. I had happily fallen down the rabbit-hole of ‘Bigfoot Research’. In Bigfoot Mountain we meet the four humans living in the Pacific North West in cabins near the sea at the foot of a mountain – Minnie, her step dad Dan, their neighbour Connie and her young son Billy.
We also meet eleven Bigfoots who are looking for a new forest home as wild fires forced them to leave their caves in the mountains to the east. Minnie and the young Bigfoot Kaayii (who is nearly seven foot tall) don’t become friends, but they do help each other. In Bigfoot Island, a family comes to stay in one of the cabins who go hunting on the mountain. Minnie is worried that their paths will cross with Kaayii. The young Bigfoot has problems of his own when an angry rogue Bigfoot arrives on the mountain and starts wandering close to the humans. Kaayii needs help and, again, Minnie is able to provide it.

What made you decide to write about Sasquatches?

The evidence for their actual existence has been increasing in recent years. I’ve read the DNA report which says they are an unknown relic hominid, not yet recognised by science. If they do indeed exist then I think the way I describe their way of life might be quite accurate. They live in family groups, are self-appointed stewards of the forest, and can communicate telepathically.

Did you have to do a lot of research to write your books? If so, what was the most interesting thing you discovered?

I did a ton of research and am still learning. I wanted to set the story in a temperate rainforest where animals thrive as it has high rainfall and therefore plenty to eat. So, I researched the area of Western Canada in British Colombia so that the descriptions of the flora and fauna are accurate. I’ve never been there, though I hope to visit one day. The most interesting thing I discovered is that many eye witness accounts of seeing Bigfoots in the woods describe how they seem to be able to make themselves go invisible, possibly by raising their vibration. And the footprints they leave in mud and snow can suddenly stop, like they just disappeared in to another dimension!

What do you hope readers will take from these books?

I believe that the more children understand about nature, the more they will want to protect it. I hope I have described the forest, the sea shore, the islands vividly enough that they will want to go out in to nature and explore our wonderful natural world.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?

I really enjoy meeting children in schools, and inspiring them to think about maybe writing a story one day.

If you could give one writing tip to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Just start writing. Your first idea might not be the one that will end up being a great story but the process of writing will pull from your subconscious mind incredible ideas, charming characters, fun dialogue and extraordinary places ­- if you just let it.

Roderick O’Grady is an actor who has worked in London and New York. His stage play, ‘A Foolish Fancy – How not to Get Ahead in the Theatre’ was a Time Out critic’s choice on the London Fringe. He has voiced the audiobook for Bigfoot Mountain, his first children’s book.

Bigfoot Island

When Minnie spots a white boat bringing strangers to the cove below her cabin, she fears the hard-won peace of her tiny community at the foot of Bigfoot Mountain will be shattered.
Kaayii too has to deal with an intruder on the mountain and, injured, needs to reach his family across the water. The two inhabit separate worlds but must find a way to work together to avoid disaster and protect the people and places they hold dear.

Bigfoot Mountain and Bigfoot Island are out now and published by Firefly Press

We have loved being a part of the Bigfoot Island Blog Tour!
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